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P3 Home Automation & Security

Pratsware Technologies Pvt Ltd provides Wired & Wireless Home Automation systems in Gujarat. We are based in Surat and we are the regional distributor of the FIBARO Brand.

Pratsware Technologies has solutions for everyone. Home Automation technology is not only for the super-rich anymore. It can be done only if you want it done in the first place. So if you want to live like king forget worrying about the budget, pickup your phone and contact us with your need. There is a 99.99% chance that we will have a solution which fits your budget.

The FIBARO system can control everything from Lights to Locks, from Fans to Fountains and from Climate to the Cooker in your kitchen. Need I say more than that about our capability?

Pratsware Technologies is a one stop shop for buying truly futuristic products. Whether you’re searching for home security gear or dreaming up new ways to automate your home, try us, we may already have it.

If you’re building the fully automated home, our pricing will help you walk away with more for less.

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